Recently Launched Wide range of Lawmate Products


A wholesale manufacturer and distributor of versatile surveillance products are located at Tottenham Court Road in London. Supplier of professional Lawmate products with grade covert video, countermeasure and audio products for several freelance reports and bulk suppliers in the Middle East and eastern bloc countries.

EUSpy is holding a great track record with an excellence in providing ace customer service as well as technical support according to a press release. We have been carried many stupendous Lawmate products over the years, heavy demand for several security purposes has benefit company very deep and wide range of customers demand to fulfill, also increase their understanding of market strategies.

After enough experience and professional services, we have recently broadened their limits by introducing multifarious products in the market according to their requirements. Hundreds of chain including freelance folks, retailers and several other agencies have offered them great future opportunities. A wide range of effective products not only strengthens their client relationship but also emerged as strong and leading distributor of Lawmate products with an ace. There is not an iota that how much we needed excellent security products to make us and our loving ones more secure. Experience engineers and technicians are already sticking to this company. However, in the future, we are expecting more secured and real-time cameras and other security products. Product list of our products is worth to buy to fulfill all of our security needs.

Here, are few ace products of our shop that can be used according to security needs.

  • Anti-terrorism
  • Armored vehicles
  • Audio recording and surveillance device
  • Body armor
  • Bug Detector, CCTV cameras and CCTV kits.
  • Two-way radio communication device.
  • Computer monitoring security
  • Covert Bluetooth and 3g Cameras
  • GSM Bugs listening device and Lawmate spy camera.
  • Lawmate PV1000

Latest Mobile tracking device and Night vision and many other products are manufactured and distributed by a EU Spy Shop.


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